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Karma vs Mojo Productions and Karma vs Mojo Rentals presents a four-part technical and practical workshop series that focuses on the Camera, Electric, Grip, and Sound Departments of a filmmaking production.  While directors, producers, and DPs will benefit from this course (and I promise that they will learn a lot), this course is designed for people who want to be grips, gaffers, camera operators, boom operators, field mixers, ACs, and PAs.  In short, anybody working on or interested in learning about the technical and practical side of behind the camera filmmaking will greatly enjoy this workshop.


Why did I start the Below The Line Film SchoolSM  Simple, I have attended a half dozen filmmaking workshops over the past few years, and I always walk away asking myself if I learned anything and whether the course had much value.  While the answer was yes, it was at low levels.  I knew that I could do better and I wanted to create real value in a filmmaking course.


What can you expect?  This workshop will combine live demonstrations, multi-media visual aids, hands-on use of equipment, technical materials, and lecture to present filmmaking know-how in a way that makes sense, is well-organized, and actually provides value. 

We will be using light meters, color meters, lens test projectors, autocollimators, voltage meters, ammeters, flicker meters, frequency meters, various image testing monitors, and other tools of the trade.  Yes, there will be math, physics, and formulas involved.   After all, its called the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and SCIENCES for a reason.

You will put your hands on a very diverse array of sound, lighting, camera, and grip equipment.  There will be a one-day workshop dedicated to each of the three departments that report to the Director of Photography: Electric (creating light), Grip (controlling light), Camera (capturing light).  As well as a workshop on the independent Sound Department (mixing and recording sound). 


What will this course not teach me?  First, we will not be wasting time making a student film; the amount of information will simply be too dense to allow that luxury.  In addition, each workshop is intended to stand alone.  Second, we will not be discussing: screenwriting, acting, directing, editing, or casting.  Finally, we will not be studying the creative aspects of filmmaking. 

If you want to know how to find funding, distribution, or your inner muse; this is not the course you want.  If you want to know what kind of mood a blue rock versus a red rock will create in the audience, this is not the course for you.  If you want to know what gear you will need to create that blue rock, or why its taking Electric 2 hours to change from daylight to tungsten, this is the course you want.

What will it cost?  The four all-day sessions are $250 and includes a copy of all course materials.  That's only $10/hour!  You can also opt to drop in on individual workshops at $75 each.  Please reserve your place by using the Paypal options below.  However, cash is accepted at the door. 


When is it?  Previous workshops were a great success.  The Spring 2013 workshop schedule will be finalized soon (most likely April 20/21 and 27/28).  Expect workshops series in both the Spring and Fall.  If you would like to be on the mailing list, send a note to me at

The workshops will take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 10-5PM.  There will be a one hour break for lunch.


Upon completion of the course, students are eligible for a 20% discount on all equipment rentals with Karma vs Mojo Rentals LLC (

Karma vs Mojo Team members will receive a 50% discount off of your tuition. 






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